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I continue my exploration of collage in AFLOAT: AN INSTALLATION of one hundred small collages.  


I approached this exhibition from a visual perspective – not one based on subject matter.  Using cotton ball packaging and cut magazine pieces, elements hover over worlds of air, sea, and fire, creating a deeply immersive experience. 


Enlarging upon the floating theme are intentionally slightly-deflated pillows, hand-designed by me, circling each small piece.  Fuselage, port holes and portals all come to mind as the pieces topple across the gallery walls, inviting viewers to peer inside at the landscapes from a satellite perspective.


Later, in August 2013, I started a series on my blog posting the 100 collages, one a day.  In addition to commentary about the collages, I spoke about daily life, remarking on everything from sinus surgery to infrared saunas.  This on-line exhibition was reviewed by Howard Pousner, Art Critic in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, December 2013.



This is a collection of photographs taken while I was making 100 (5 x 5in) collages for the exhibition at Ceres Gallery in March 2013. I chose to use an audio soundtrack with these pictures because I thought that my voice was more “available” than the printed word. The “what I like to call” slightly deflated inflated pillows are in my car in the photographs.



1083 Austin Avenue N.E., Room 208 Atlanta, GA 30307

Cell: 404-219-1388

Gallery Tel:  212-947-6100

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