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THE CROSS SERIES - is a collection of ten 4 x 6 foot paintings. My love of collage this time integrates paint and paper. Materials are not selected for their content, but for their volume, color, value and shape.


The cross is the most basic of symbols, primitive, in that it coincidentally represents vertical man/woman standing in a horizontal world. For the most part, art that is considered successful, art that “works,” uses this primeval structure within its various forms. In my work, the symbol of the cross anchors the abstraction. Simultaneously triggering the unconscious awareness of this alignment.


The possibly religious content of the paintings takes a back seat to the form. The cross does not merely belong to Christianity.


I use the paintings of the Renaissance for guidelines to composition - the symmetry and the use of the cross, as the Renaissance is known for. Wild posting and street art come to mind. I like the incongruity of this with such a reverent symbol.

I am working on THE CROSS SERIES and Numbers 11, 12, 13 and 14 are soon to be posted.


Art Papers '18.jpeg

1083 Austin Avenue N.E., Room 208 Atlanta, GA 30307

Cell: 404-219-1388

Gallery Tel:  212-947-6100

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