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2009 (A short film clip)


“Bread in The Sky” is the name of a seventeen minute video. I used a stop-motion method of animation, by using the program on the Mac, Keynote, which is designed to be a lecturer’s tool, like PowerPoint.

Originally I made 11 collages to exist on their own. But by learning the computer program, I ended up isolating pieces of the collages on iPhoto with the cursor. This gave each piece of “paper” a torn effect. The computer pieces mimic real torn paper, which begged to be twirled and swirled on a black field.

The video is probably too long, but it does have a narrative. And its story needs to be told in this medium. When I showed this video in New York City at Ceres Gallery, I projected it on a 24 foot wall. People were free to roam in and around the images of torn paper which were very large and it had a very positive effect on the audience. Several people have said that I took age-old collage-making, which is a fixed medium/format like portraiture, and made it new for the first time ever.



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